Monday, September 28, 2015

No. 118: My Memoir about The Insurance Forum Is Now Available

When I ended publication of The Insurance Forum at the end of 2013, I said one reason was my desire to write a memoir about my 40-year experiment in insurance journalism. The 379-page cloth bound book, entitled The Insurance Forum: A Memoir, is now available.

The book has five appendixes, a glossary, and an index. The book also has a foreword by Professors Travis Pritchett of the University of South Carolina, Joan Schmit of the University of Wisconsin—Madison, and Harold Skipper of Georgia State University. They call the book "an immensely enjoyable memoir" and "a compelling 'must read' for industry insiders, insurance regulators, reporters, lawmakers, and any others considering insurance issues."

My thanks to those who supported the Forum over the years. I am also grateful to those who submitted ideas and articles.

Information about how to obtain the book may be found at our website ( Here are the chapter titles:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Pre-Indiana Years: 1929-1962
  3. The Indiana Years: 1962-2015
  4. The Policy Replacement Problem
  5. The A. L. Williams Replacement Empire
  6. Life Insurance Prices and Rates of Return
  7. The Collapse of Executive Life
  8. Fractional (Modal) Premium Charges
  9. The Secondary Market for Life Insurance
  10. Universal Life Insurance
  11. The Military-Insurance Interlock
  12. Distortion of Important Policy Provisions
  13. Deceptive Sales Practices
  14. Professional Codes of Ethics
  15. Credit Life Insurance
  16. Disability Insurance
  17. Medical Insurance
  18. Long-Term Care Insurance
  19. The Annuity Business
  20. The Secondary Markets for Annuities
  21. Charitable Gift Annuities
  22. Financial Strength Ratings
  23. Transfers of Policies between Companies
  24. Compensation of Insurance Executives
  25. Surplus Notes
  26. The Demutualization Wave
  27. Life Insurance Policy Dividends
  28. Agents' Contracts with Insurance Companies
  29. The Insurance Regulators
  30. The Insurance Regulatory Information System
  31. Risk-Based Capital
  32. Conclusion