Monday, April 26, 2021

No. 418: More on Caro's Little Book

In No. 312 (May 15, 2019), I discussed Robert A. Caro's magnificent 2019 book entitled Working and subtitled Researching, Interviewing, Writing. Recently I reread the book. As a result, I have a few suggestions.
  1. To refresh your memory about Caro, please read or reread No. 312.
  2. Please read or reread Working.
  3. Please obtain Path to Power, which is the first volume of Caro's towering biography of Lyndon Johnson. Then please read Chapter 27 entitled "The Sad Irons," which begins on page 502 of Path to Power. If you have read Working, you already know the subject of the chapter. If you have not read Working, I can tell you the subject of the chapter is a major development in American history. I promise you will be deeply impressed by the chapter, and you will understand why many prominent historians consider Caro our greatest biographer.